Minnesota Deaf Certified Peer Support Specialist Program

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Video Transcript and descriptions:[Footage Description: 4:13 video discussing the Deaf Certified Peer Support Program in Minnesota. Dori (white woman with curly brown hair, wearing brown turtleneck and blue jeans) narrates most of the video. In the middle of the video, Alison (white woman wearing navy blue sweater and blue jeans) also narrates for a bit. Both are seated in an atrium area, against a wood and stone backdrop, and lots of green plants at different levels. In the far background are white pillars and stairs.]

Opening Titles: Minnesota Peer Support Specialist Program [White text on black background].

0:07 Hi, Everyone! My name is Dori. I have struggled to
0:10 navigate the Mental Health system for years,
0:11 to get the services I needed.
0:14 And for a long time, was unable to find support.
0:19 I did not share my struggles openly, did not ask for help.
0:24 Until approximately 6 years ago, I really started to
0:28 reach out, and within two years I found a therapist
0:32 that I really connected with. I realized I really had been
0:38 missing good support services. And others were too.
0:45 That's when I decided to become a Certified Peer Support specialist.
0:50 I wanted to give back, to have other Deaf people
0:54 with similar experiences to benefit from what I learned.
0:58 I know others have also struggled with similar frustrations and barriers.
1:00 So I wanted to offer my support.
1:04 What exactly does a Certified Peer Support Specialist do?
1:10 To give a few examples of what we usually do in our roles,
1:15 As a CPSS, we provide support services to inspire hope,
1:24 to empower people we work with, to encourage people to become self-advocates,
1:30 we also empathize with your struggles, share our recovery experiences, and
1:40 If you are unsure of your resources, we can help you research, and you make your own decisions,
1:52 Or perhaps you are unsure of what to say to your doctor,
1:58 or have questions about medication, and we can
2:01 work with you on role playing possible questions, or
2:04 discuss a list of possible questions you can ask your doctor.
2:09 Also we can meet in person, or on videophones.
2:14 We're available either way.
2:17 Our services are free. You don't have to pay a cent.

2:24 Hi! I'm Alison, and I'm the CPSS Program Supervisor.
2:30 If you are interested in getting CPSS services,
2:38 If you live in Minnesota, and you are over 18 years of age,
2:43 You will qualify for services.
2:45 You can, on your own, contact Dr. John Gournaris
2:49 or have your therapist, social worker, or group home staff or other service providers
2:58 contact him. He is the program director of the Mental Health Program,
3:04 which is housed under Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Division, Department of Human Services.
3:10 His email is below: John.Gournaris@state.mn.us.

3:15 If you feel you need help, and are unsure of whether you should work with a CPSS,
3:25 Don't be afraid. We are not here to judge you.
3:30 And we're not here to label or diagnose you.
3:33 We are here for you because we've been where you are, we've had similar struggles.
3:42 And we want to support you. We are here for you.
3:46 We want to spark hope in you.
3:50 It is okay to get help.
3:53 I wish I had that option back when I really needed it.
3:57 But now I'm here. And we have others here, too, for you.
4:01 Hope to see you soon.

[Image: Picture of all the MN Deaf CPSS Program Certified Peer Support Specialists. From Left to Right, seated against the same backdrop described above: Dori, Melissa, Fern, Joyce, Angela, and Jeff.]

[End Title: Want more information? Contact Dr. John Gournaris at John.Gournaris@state.mn.us]

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