Community Guidelines

DeafMN is dedicated towards enhancing our Minnesota Deaf community. We welcome and embrace all community aspects and viewpoints. We wish to provide you with a safe platform for a thoughtful discussion on a range of subjects, regardless of where you might stand on the issue.  We hope our community can thrive through such open conversation.
We will not accept using our platform to harm our Deaf community. We believe in freedom of expression, but that means little if people are afraid to speak up. In order to ensure that people fee safe expressing their diverse options and beliefs, we will not tolerate behavior that crosses the line into abuse.

We accept disagreement, but only if it is civil and respectful. We ask that all members follow the 'Golden Rule' and treat others as they would like to be treated.

Community posts reflect the opinions and views of the community members. They are not necessarily shared by DeafMN.

We do not welcome:

  • Personal attacks including defamatory or false statements, revealing private information about individuals, harassment or threats.
  • Profanity, offensive or violent content.
  • Hate and prejudiced speech (This includes but is not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, language, culture, disabilities and audism).
  • Business or money raising promotions (spam).
  • Discussion of illegal activities (including copyright violations).
  • Paid or sponsored opinions or content ('astroturfing').
  • 'Trolling' - deliberately provoking arguments.

We  encourage you to report violations of these guidelines.